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About us

Welcome to Shakesphere India, your premier destination for the world's finest shakers! As the exclusive channel partner for Shakesphere Global, a UK-based industry leader, we are proud to bring these top-notch products to the Indian market. In our quest to redefine fitness experiences, we've eliminated the need to source these exceptional products globally by making them readily available in India. Shakesphere India is more than just a merchandise marketing and sourcing company; we're passionate about fitness and committed to delivering excellence. Anticipate a regularly updated collection of the latest fitness essentials as we continue to introduce cutting-edge products. Join us on this journey, where health meets innovation, and elevate your fitness game with Shakesphere India.

ShakerSphere Original Shaker Bottle

Our Mission

Our mission at ShakeSphere is to revolutionise the shaker bottle market and create innovative products which improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of everyone who uses them.

Our Vision

ShakeSphere was founded upon the need for a supplement Shaker Bottle that actually worked for use before, during and after a workout. Our CEO Rick Beardsell, an elite level sprint athlete with numerous World and European titles, designed and developed ShakeSphere.

ShakeSphere has continually involved during its testing and development period, taking on board feedback over the years from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, coaches along with people from many other walks of life. By doing so we believe we have the best shaker on the market and we have had testimonials and reviews to justify such claims.

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Why We Are

ShakeSphere eradicates the need for mixing accessories by using its patented capsule shape to do the mixing for you. The centrifugal force rapidly breaks down supplements blending mixtures in a flash. No powders get stuck in the corners or on mixing accessories (as there aren’t any) like that of a traditional shaker, no remnants are left in the bottle which in turn saves you money, cleaning time and avoids the accompanying potent smells.

Capsule Design

Revolutionary Capsule Design

Blends Fruit Properly

Blends Fruit With No Blades

Saves You Money

No Waste, No Mess, Saves You Money

Shakers Sold Worldwide

Over 1 Million Shakers Sold Worldwide

Leak Proof Shaker

Leak-Proof Guaranteed

A Family Company

We’re A Family Company

Meet The Team

You may not realise, but ShakeSphere is a small family business. Founded by Rick Beardsell, ShakeSphere wouldn’t have reached international recognition without the support and expertise of his wife Eszter.

Rick Beardsell

Rick Beardsell

Founder & Inventor

Rick has been an athlete for 15 years winning gold medals and breaking records. During this period he tested a wide range of sports nutrition and shaker bottles. After no shaker bottle on the market functioned the way it should, and as an accomplished product designer with global experience, rick began to test, design and develop ShakeSphere.

Eszter Beardsell

Eszter Beardsell

International Communications

Eszter is a huge cog to the inner workings of the ShakeSphere business operations. Her business management and cultural experience have spearheaded ShakeSphere’s continued international growth.
As well as this, Eszter is wife to Rick and loving mother to their son Sebastian

Featured in the media

From mainstream media to international news outlets, here are just some of the media outlets which have featured our brand.

Best Shaker Bottle From Shakesphere

World‘s #1

We’ve been lucky enough to be touted as creating one of the best shaker bottles in the world. The support of our customers and business partners has been incredible - without you, we wouldn’t be able to innovate new more efficient product ranges.

It always makes us smile when we see happy customers on social media sharing their incredible stories of how our products have changed their life! Please continue! We look at them all!